A word from our managing director


A Word From Our Managing Director

My inspiration

My inspiration and drive comes from seeing that women, especially in rural areas are economically empowered. Living in a country where women make up over 50% of the population, yet are the most vulnerable and marginalized.  There is an urgent need to look at innovative ways to actively engage them by providing sustainable livelihood options – Live Well.

Why Live Well is so unique

Live Well’s uniqueness comes from the fact that we connect communities directly through our own network of dedicated and passionate Community Health Entrepreneurs (CHEs). We provide a last mile distribution platform that offers additional sustainable livelihood opportunities for individuals in under-served communities and so as our name suggests, we enable communities to live well by improving their wellbeing.

A change in community healthcare

A vast majority of Live Well’s CHEs (62% women) are also trained community based health volunteers (CBVs). Our CHE’s go to households and provide healthcare services, information and products. Through this vital network we are able to contribute to a change in community based health care.  We are also a first in delivering products such as clean energy products, dental brands, in areas thought to be unreachable.

What to expect next

Our vision is to see Live Well scale up across Zambia with relevant health and nutrition products reaching communities especially in rural areas. There is so much that Live Well has achieved since its inception and I look forward to seeing the network of CHEs seek out opportunities to expand their businesses beyond their geographical boundaries.