our partners

To achieve our mission, we partner with like-minded organisations, investors and foundations who share the same vision and commitment to create healthier communities across Zambia.

We like to create innovative partnerships, bringing together skills from the private, not-for-profit and social enterprise sectors to drive our vision. We also seek to align to the government priorities, with the ultimate aim of reducing the burden on government clinics.

Ministry of Health – Zambia

Live Well works closely with the Government of Zambia

Visit website here: http://www.moh.gov.zm/

CARE International

Live Well is part of the CARE network

Visit website here: https://www.careinternational.org.uk/

Barclays and GSK

CARE, Barclays and GSK have been working in partnership to co-develop and set up Live Well. With a remit to develop and test new business models which increase access to affordable healthcare and stimulate economic growth, the Barclays-GSK Partnership has supported the development of the model from the CARE’s PRISM (Private Sector Social Market project) healthcare programme to one blending social and financial returns.

Visit website here: http://www.barclays.co.uk and http://www.gsk.com

Living Goods

Living Goods is not-for-profit organization that supports community health workers in Uganda and Kenya. As part of the organization’s partnerships strategy, Living Goods has been providing long-term consultancy support to Live Well as an assisted network in Zambia.

Visit website here: https://livinggoods.org/